Results of pot trials


During this season, pot trials were conducted at the Central agricultural control and trial institute (ÚKZÚZ) in Brno to measure the performance of the fertiliser TO-Natural Nitrogen K, the dry version of TopStim N13. The results of the trials are above expectations:

Evaluation of the barley trial:

Crop tested: Spring barley Hordeum vulgare conv. Distichon, variety Sebastian

The crop was lusher and darker throughout the entire vegetation.

Compared to the unfertilised control, the application of the fertiliser TopStim N13 increased the grain yield by 11.9 %, the average straw yield by 31.3 %.

Evaluation of the strawberry trial:

Crop tested: Large-fruited strawberry Fragaria × ananassa, variety Korona

The plants were more densely leafy during the vegetation, with deep green leaves.

The application of the fertiliser TopStim N13 increased the weight of the strawberries by 14.8 % and the number of fruits by 6.8 %.

Evaluation of the geraniums trial:

Crop tested: Pelargonium zonale, variety Gizela F1

The fertiliser TopStim N13 increased inflorescence weight and number by 14.7 % and 5.8 % respectively.

Evaluation of the sweet pepper trial:

Crop tested: Annual sweet pepper Capsicum Annuum L., variety CHRONOS F1

Four weeks after planting there was an intensified growth.

The application of the fertiliser TopStim N13 favourably influenced the weight of the sweet pepper fruits, with an increase of 5.4 % and beyond that of 14.6 % on the average number of fruits per plant.

Fertilisation with TopStim N13 increased the content of vitamin C by 16.4 %.

Evaluation of the spinach trial:

Crop tested: Spinach Spinacia oleracea, variety Clarinet F1

The fertiliser TopStim N13 increased the yield by 5.2 %, moreover considerably reduced the nitrate content.

TopStim N13

Liquid organic NPK fertiliser with stimulating effects and N content of at least 12.5%*.
TopStim N13 is a protein hydrolysate from animal skin.
Listed in the Input lists for organic farming in Germany and Austria (InfoXgen), conforming to Naturland and ECOVIN, useable pursuant to EU eco regulations No 834/2007 and No 889/2008.


* in dry matter (typical value 14,4 % ≙ 4,3 % N/kg solution)

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