About Bioforce

Bioforce is a newly established division of TONAK a.s., engaged in the development, production and sales of organic fertilisers based on by-products from hat manufacturing.

TONAK a.s. based in Novy Jicin, is among the world's biggest and leading manufacturers of headgear. The beginnings of hatmaking in Novy Jicin date back to 1630.

The two centuries of tradition of TONAK, a.s. production combined with considerable know-how assure the high quality of its products. The program range encompasses a broad offer of millinery products, primarily felt hats, semi-products and knit headgear, which enables us to satisfy any customer requirements in over fifty countries around the world. For all these customers, the TONAK brand is a guarantee of good quality and continuity on the market.

Luxury product ranges are made of felt, which is obtained from animal fur. This production leaves considerable quantities of by-products, namely animal skin.

To utilise the additional potential of these by-products, we approached a research team at Tomáš Baťa University headed by Prof. Karel Kolomazník, who has long worked on among others the optimisation and greening of leather processing methods.

As a result from this collaboration, a new range of products sold under the name Bioforce has been established. The first product is TopStim N13, a protein hydrolysate from animal skin.

TopStim N13

Liquid organic NPK fertiliser with stimulating effects and N content of at least 12.5%*. TopStim N13 is a protein hydrolysate with a large number of high-grade, purely natural amino acids. Listed in the Input lists for organic farming in Germany and Austria (EASY-CERT services), conforming to Naturland and ECOVIN, useable pursuant to EU eco regulations No 848/2018 and No 1165/2021.

* in dry matter (typical value 14,4 % ≙ 4,3 % N/kg solution)