The positive impacts of hydrolysates on plants have been known for a long time. They have favourable effects on numerous biochemical reactions in plants, support their growth and development as well as the formation of the reproductive organs. They improve the plants´ adaptability, regenerative and anti-stress abilities, moreover they support the development of their proprietary resilience, the so-called induced resistance.

Our hydrolysate dosed at 5 L/ha increased the yield of rapeseed by up to 10% and improved the resistance to diseases to about 50% of the effect of a fungicidal treatment. The rape plants also had an improved resistance to phoma stem canker. A decrease in the symptoms by up to 65% was registered.

The application to grapevine required a 6 times lower spray volume and resulted in an increased yield. The resistance of wheat to powdery mildew was greatly improved.

The use of the hydrolysate also reduced the nitrate content in leafy and fruity vegetables.

Increasing numbers of farmers without animal husbandry are realising the need of organic components in fertilisation. Colleges have also rebegun teaching the necessity of organic farming, to avoid that "dead soil" is produced over time.

TopStim N13

Liquid organic NPK fertiliser with stimulating effects and N content of at least 12.5%*. TopStim N13 is a protein hydrolysate with a large number of high-grade, purely natural amino acids. Listed in the Input lists for organic farming in Germany and Austria (EASY-CERT services), conforming to Naturland and ECOVIN, useable pursuant to EU eco regulations No 848/2018 and No 1165/2021.

* in dry matter (typical value 14,4 % ≙ 4,3 % N/kg solution)